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Thursday, April 17, 2003
Backup strategies are obviously important to any business. For many of the smaller businesses, we suggest using a daily xcopy mechanism to several computers especially to owner's laptops. It gives them basically read-only copies of their data. There is one circumstance though, where the data is being copied to a win2k3 machine. It is desired that the win2k3 machine have the data encrypted on it using the encrypted file system capabilities. However, the client machine can't cause the encryption to occur. Even though the client machine has the same keys as the server machine. This is because the win2k3 machine is not a domain server. If it were, I think all of the encryption would occur transparently. So I'm considering a mechanism where the client would copy unencrypted data to a unencrypted folder on the win2k3 machine and then a process on the win2k3 machine would apply the encryption using the cipher line command.
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