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Monday, April 07, 2003
Today's post concerns OpenBSD and the installation thereof. I downloaded the 3.2 release and burned it to a CD ROM. I then created the special boot floppy exactly as their instructions called for. Very good instructions. It was pretty easy to install the software and the installation went smoothly even though I was using a machine from 1994 with 16 MBytes of memory. The peripherals immediately worked: software worked with the network and worked with the DHCP of the linksys router, video was fine, etc. I then tried using SSH from a laptop to talk to the BSD box. That worked, but it reminds me of 1980 technology since the software on the laptop emulates a VT100 terminal. Horrors. And then, there's that damned ^H backspace problem to fix, just like I was doing 20 years ago.
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